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The only vehicle-mounted flashlight with lifesaving eXtras Shop autoXscape
Road hazards hide in the dark

One light handles them all.

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Auto Emergency Tools

4-Way Roadside Emergency LED Flashlight
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COB Slide Worklight

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Rechargeable LED Worklight

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COB Floodlight

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Vehicle Necessary 3 In 1 Emergency Lifesaving Tool

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Dedicated to Safety

We use the most advanced technologies to meet the most basic human need: to feel secure when the unexpected occurs.

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We take no shortcuts. By using the finest materials and sophisticated engineering, we proudly make the best safety tools for the open road.

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Ensuring your satisfaction with our products and service is a core tenant of our philosophy. We look forward to meeting your highest expectations.

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Time to Build Your Winter Emergency Car Kit

When winter roads become impassable, it is important for people to prepare a complete emergency car kit for winter. Basically, the kit can be divided into two parts: items to help you get unstuck and supplies in case you do get stuck.
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