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Dangers of Leaving Children or Pets Inside a Closed Vehicle

This should be obvious to any parent, but let’s just document this basic truth: Never, ever leave a child alone inside a car—especially a locked car with the windows up on a hot day.

According to Dr. Dave Robinson, a New Jersey State Climatologist Professor at Rutgers University, the temperatures inside of a parked vehicle can rise 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit above the outside temperature in less than an hour.

This is due to the heat-trapping outcome of the greenhouse effect. When the sun’s rays pass through the windows of a vehicle, the inside of your car will absorb the energy, and with the windows up it cannot escape. Even with the windows cracked, ventilation is inadequate to prevent rapid heat accumulation.

This video shows a group of people using a skateboard in an attempt to break the windows of a parked SUV with a baby inside. This is one of the situations why INGEAR created the autoXscape, with dual window-breaking points, as emergency tool..


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