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How to Dry Out Your Flooded Car

Even when properly prepared for a flood, your vehicle might still absorb some damage.

If it fills with water, the mold and rust begin to set in immediately. You must react quickly to avoid any further damage.

While many people think that you can simply suck the water out of your car until the surface area of the carpeting is dry, there is much more you have to do in actuality to restore your vehicle. A foam layer underneath the carpeting in every vehicle, for example, needs to be thoroughly dried.

To do so, pull the carpeting on the floor of your car completely out. Set it out to dry on a sunny day. Now that the carpeting is removed, the foam insulation should be exposed enough to work with efficiently.

This is the more difficult part. To dry the insulation thoroughly, leave your car doors open in a dry, heated, and indoor space for a long period of time with a fan blowing directly on it, If the insulation will not dry, and the mildew smell remains, you will have to buy new insulation for your vehicle before putting the carpet back in.

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