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How to Overcome Driving Anxiety After a Car Crash

Being involved in an accident on the road is a traumatic event. After experiencing a wreck, it can sometimes be a challenge to get behind the wheel again. But you can get back on that horse again. Here are some tips:

  1. Talk to someone. Whether it is a therapist or even someone from your family, openly discussing your driving anxiety with a sympathetic person is probably the best and simplest form of relief from an anxious mind while driving.
  2. Enroll in a defensive driving class. While you may think that your own driving is phenomenal, you should never be too sure of other people’s driving around you. Learning defensive driving tips will lessen your chances of a repeat accident. 
  3. Meditation. Visualizing yourself performing as a safe and confident driver can ease your mind before you get behind the wheel.
  4. Drive with somebody. Having a friend or family member in the passenger seat beside you for mental support will keep you from feeling alone in your struggle with anxiety.
  5. Give yourself time. Just like any disruptive event, it will always take time to heal. Be patient and loving with yourself as you recover both mentally and physically.

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