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How to Prepare Your Car for Cold Weather

Some cold-weather tips to keep your car operating reliably when the temperature drops:

1) Keep an emergency kit in your car. Emergency car kits are vital to keep in your vehicle during the bitter cold winter months. It should include a flashlight, a jacket, blanket, a pair of gloves, heat packets, a hat, some high-energy protein snacks, an ice scraper, jumper cables, an extra phone charger, a warning light or flare, and extra batteries in an insulated container.
2) Check your fluids. Temperatures dropping below the freezing point can significantly damage your engine without the right amount of fluids. Antifreeze is one of the most important fluids to maintain in low temperatures.
3) Use the proper windshield fluid. Instead of having to physically scrape off ice and snow from your windshield, the proper fluid helps get the job done by simply melting away the ice.
4) Use winter-grade oil. Switching to winter-grade oil will benefit your vehicle in cold weather. It is much thinner and less dense than the oil recommended during summer months. When temperatures drop, liquid freezes. The lighter your oil viscosity, the better your car will run and remain at a healthy temperature.
5) Know how to take care of your tires. When temperatures fall, the pressure within your tires drops as well. Purchase a tire gauge and learn how to use it.

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