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How To Stay Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

When your vehicle breaks down, you need to be prepared to stay safe, alert, and well-equipped to handle an emergency situation.


1. Pull as far out of traffic as your situation permits. Don’t count on other drivers to be mindful of your roadside breakdown.
2. Call for help. If help is immediately on the way, wait inside your vehicle until the it arrives. Ask for the name of the person who is being sent to assist you. Ask the name of anyone who approaches your car. Open your door or windows only for the person who can identify himself by the name you were given.
3. If you cannot get hold of anybody or the support you requested will not arrive in a timely manner, it is best to not wait in your vehicle. Instead, use a flare or some type of warning light that can be placed on or around your vehicle. This alerts any oncoming drivers or police that assistance is needed.
4. Unless you are a mechanical expert, avoid attempting to fix your vehicle. Doing so could potentially place you in a dangerous situation involving oncoming traffic.
5. After placing a signal on your vehicle, consider waiting for authorized help at least 20 feet from your car. This can keep you separated from people passing by who may have nefarious intent.
Stay Safe

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