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How autoXscape Helps with Rollovers

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, nearly 1.3 million people die globally in road crashes every day. Although the number of deaths per billion miles traveled has steadily declined since the Ford Model T was developed, automotive fatalities remain a prominent daily concern. From Mother Nature fuming, to an irresponsible drunk driver, daily commuters are consistently at risk of facing the unknown on a daily basis.

When thinking about the range of different types of vehicle fatalities that occur daily, rollovers are among the deadliest. Whether you are driving a small sedan, or a boxy Jeep, any car is capable of rolling over in the right setting. According to Consumer Reports, the government has estimated that 95% of vehicle rollovers are due to a vehicle tripping on an object or pothole in the road. Tripping can also be caused by lack of traction or even having too much traction on the road.

As stated above, any vehicle is capable of being involved in a rollover, but this does not necessarily mean that all types of vehicles are equally likely to rollover. The taller and more narrow the vehicle, the more likely the vehicle is to roll. (These types of vehicles include Jeeps, SUVs, Semis, and other trucks.) Therefore, when a tall and bulky automobile is taking a corner, particularly a sharp corner, sideway forces have a substantial effect on its center of gravity which may cause a dramatic increase in the chance of the vehicle rolling. rollover cause 
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Imagine this scenario: You are driving home on a Sunday evening after watching Sunday night football at the in-laws place. You close your eyes for just one second and upon opening them, your senses are completely distorted, you are in pain, and your 7 year old is crying in the backseat. Once you regain some Car Rolloverconsciousness, you realize you are completely upside down, all of your seatbelts are jammed and you have no way of getting them undone. A couple of the windows were smashed upon impact but not enough to be freed to safety. What do you do now? Wait until help arrives? Unfortunately, that is not an option for you and your family’s lives at stake. All you can do now is hope and pray that there is a way out. Fortunately, you remembered you packed INGEAR’s autoXscape escape tool in close proximity to your left hand. As you quickly grab it, you firstly free yourself from your seatbelt so you are capable of easily assisting the rest of your family.

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