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Preparing Your Vehicle for A Flood or Hurricane

The disastrous floods that ravaged Louisiana in August 2016 affected nearly half of the homes in Baton Rouge alone. Incredible. 



One lesser-known aftereffect of the flooding was the damagePrepare for a Flood
done to vehicles. The Automotive News, a trade publication, reported that an estimated 100,000 insured vehicles in the state were damaged by floodwaters. A nonprofit agency, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, further estimated that more than that number of uninsured vehicles, mostly older models, were also damaged by the floodwaters.

How can you prepare your vehicle when severe weather is imminent?

  1. If time permits, evacuate and drive to higher ground. That’s easy to say but tough to do when the weather is moving fast and vehicle owners are taken by surprise. But if your vehicle is parked in a flood-prone area, be alert when heavy rains are forecast.
  1. If you relying on your vehicle as your escape vehicle when weather turns threatening, be sure it is stocked with emergency supplies: first-aid kit, jumper cables, nonperishable food, raingear, warm clothing, an emergency or traditional blanket, bottled water, flashlight, a seatbelt cutter, a window breaker (for a rapid exit should floodwater swamp a vehicle).
  1. Secure your vehicle in a garage and sandbag its perimeter to create a watertight barrier.

If you would like to read additional information on how to properly prepare for a flood or other severe weather visit:

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