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The Best Worklights For Everyday Use!

Can one wrench handle every task a mechanic might face? Can a construction worker get by with just one screwdriver? Not very often. The more options, the better.

The same thinking applies to work lights. Job sites vary by size and complexity, and they often present lighting challenges that go beyond what standard flashlights can accommodate. Skilled workers understand the value of carrying a tool kit equipped with a variety of lighting choices.


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The autoAssistTM line of work lights from INGEAR is designed for mechanics, craftsmen, technicians, repair workers and at-home tinkerers who routinely have a need for bright, portable, wide-area lighting to successfully complete their tasks. All three autoAssistTM lights meet the key criteria of high-quality work-site worklights:

  • Exceptional brightness without creating glare.
  • Self-supporting for hands-free operation.
  • The ability to remain cool to the touch.
  • Durable construction.
  • Cord-free design with long battery life.

Consider the individual features of each autoAssistTM light to determine which models best address the , lighting needs you most often face. All three feature cord-free designs which boost safety (no cord to trip over) while offering a greater variety of placement options.

The autoAssistTM LED Rechargeable Worklight: This foot-long (30.5cm) wand is comfortable to grip when you need to maneuver your light source when in search of an area that needs your attention. Once a trouble spot is located, the tool gives you the option of using its integrated hook to hang it attaching its magnetic base to a metallic surface, allowing for hands-free work.


 autoAssist Rechargeable LED Worklight

car emergency tool


The upper two-thirds of the wand houses a 4-inch (10.1cm) column of 6 high-power Surface Mount Device LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that project a wide, 120-degree beam of white light (150 lumens). The tool is impact-resistant and offers an IP54 construction rating that provides a high level of protection against particulate intrusion, so it can handle dusty environments.

Plus, it’s rechargeable with an estimated five-hour run time per charge. Simply power it up using the included USB charging cable. Excellent for under-the-hood work, checking fuse boxes or other seek-and-detect work. A great choice for people who often hold their work lights about the same amount of time they hang or prop them in place.

The autoAssistTM COB Slide Worklight: This well-engineered 2-in-1 tool offers both a traditional flashlight configuration (offering a bright, 1-watt LED torch), but extend the handle and you will activate an interior 200-lumen COB (Chips on Board) light tower that delivers brilliant, wide-angle visibility. It is an imaginative, retractable design that packs a lot of light in a rugged, compact package.

 autoAssist COB Slide Worklight

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The COB Slide Worklight can hang by its integrated flip-up hook, stand on its oval-shaped 2-inch base, or be firmly connected to any metallic surface using the powerful dual magnets in its base. All three options accommodate hands-free activity.

The strip of COB LEDs puts out a concentrated beam of startlingly bright light that can beam for nine uninterrupted hours on 3 AA batteries. The COB design generates more lumens than traditional LEDs while still using less energy. A good choice for mechanics and do-it-yourselfers who more often prefer to have their light source propped in place while still having the choice of selecting the flashlight option on the occasions when that mode is preferred.

The autoAssistTM COB Floodlight: This compact, built-tough unit is roughly the size of a paperback book at 6.8” x 5” x 1.9” (17.3cm x 12.7cm x 4.8cm), yet it’s capable of illuminating a garage-size workspace with plenty of light. The floodlight, which can run up to 40 hours on 4 AAs, uses a focused application of COB LED technology to deliver an eye-of-fire output of 600 lumens.

 autoAssist COB Floodlight

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For people who prefer their worklight propped at just the right angle, this light’s flip-out kickstand offers 6 points of adjustability. The kickstand can also serve a hang loop to suspend the light above a work area.

Its concave faceplate is reinforced by dual protective nylon/TPR bumpers, so it can handle rugged use. It features a spray-resistant rating of IP44, making it suitable for use in marine environments as well as garages. A great choice for people most often involved with larger-scale garage-based tasks.

Traditional worklights—incandescent bulbs housed inside a cage—typically are not as durable as their LED counterparts, and their tendency to generate glare has reduced their appeal in recent years. Halogen lamps, while very bright, have diminished in favor due to their heat output, which is not desirable when near combustible building materials. Fluorescent lights cast an unnatural glow that many workers simply find unappealing.

 Fluorescent lights

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LEDs—cool, bright, long-lasting, energy-efficient—are the new standard, and the trio of lights from autoAssistTM—compact, lightweight, power-packed—are inventive models worth considering from an emerging industry leader in portable lighting.



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