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Time to Build Your Winter Emergency Car Kit

When winter roads become impassable, it is hard for emergency vehicles like ambulance and police to respond to emergencies in time, which can lead to severe consequences: over 116,000 Americans are injured and more than 1300 are killed due to snowy roads. That’s why people should prepare a complete emergency car kit for winter.

Basically, the kit can be divided into two parts: items to help you get unstuck and supplies in case you do get stuck.

Items to help get unstuck

1.Snow shovel

A snow shovel is the first thing that should be in your winter emergency kit, since digging your car out can help you get out of the emergency quickly. Also, you can use it to keep your vehicle from being totally buried in an emergency. Cat litter can also help your tires grab on to something if the road underneath the snow is icy.


2.Tire chains

It is well-known that tire chains are a great way to prevent sliding and other problems in snow. However, before using them, you need to know how to install them and make them function right: put them on first in a dry road before you head out. And make absolutely sure they are installed on your tires correctly, so they don’t come loose. If you’re unfamiliar with installing tire chains, have a professional install them.

auto assist

3.LED Tactical Flashlight

In the dark, an LED flashlight is a must. If you are stuck in the car, even if the situation is critical, autoXscape is a multi-functional lighting tool that may help you survive. For one thing, you can cut the seat belt with its integrated blade; for another thing, its high-powered flashlight can be used to signal for help. Also, autoAssist COB Floodlight is a good choice. In spite of its small size (17.3cm x 12.7cm x 4.8cm), it can illuminate a garage-size space, which can alert rescuers or allow you to actively get out of dangerous places.


autoAssist COB Floodlight

Things in case you get stuck


In extremely cold weather, people are more likely to feel thirsty, since our bodies need more water to maintain body temperature. Therefore, keeping a stainless-steel water bottle is necessary during your trip. Please remember, always melt snow before drinking it, since, if you eat snow directly, you are using your body temperature to melt it.

car emergency


Food is always necessary. High-calorie foods like cookies, chocolate bars, nuts, and so on are a top choice for many people. In the cold, calories in your body are burned quickly to keep your body temperature up

car emergency

3.Clothes or blankets to keep warm

If your vehicle is stuck in the snow, chances are you will stay in the cold for a long period of time. How you stay warm is important. Remember to bring clothes with extra insulating layers. Also, an all-weather reflective emergency blanket is recommended, since its internal layers help keep your body warm.

car emergency

4.Coil lighter or matches

In case you need a fire to keep warm or melt snow, please remember to bring a coil lighter or waterproof matches.

car emergency

These are basic items for a winter emergency kit. To enjoy a safe road trip in winter, even if you’re only driving to or from work, always take the time to prepare in advance.


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