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Why is My Car Shaking While Driving

“What is the strange vibration that is going on with my car?” you ask yourself as you pick up speed on the highway. This may happen if you drive an older vehicle. Some common reasons for this include brake, alignment, and tire problems.  

When looking specifically at brake issues, there are a few things that could be wrong. If your vehicle is only shaking while you apply your brakes, you could have a warped brake rotor. Rotors are located directly inside the wheel of your car, and they naturally age and warp with time.

Another possibility is a stuck brake caliper. In this case, shaking begins when you reach a certain speed and the vibration becomes progressively worse as you gain speed.

What if your steering wheel is shaking? This usually means that there is an issue with tie rods, shock absorbers, struts, bearings, or ball joints. These types of problems are generally addressed by an experienced mechanic.

Tire problems could cause shaking—worn tire tread, debris (such as ice and mud in the rim) or tire degradation. See if you can self-diagnose the problem before turning to an expensive repair professional.

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