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You Need a emergency flashlight - This One Device Can Save Your Life

As motorists sometimes we can become complacent.  After all, simply watching for other cars and driving cautiously is usually enough for years of pleasant travel without incident.  The roads under our tires are made of asphalt or concrete which are practically as hard as rock.  Regardless of occasional potholes, they can't go anywhere, right?

Not so for Mr. Ledgerwood, who on an otherwise regular morning commute fell through a washed-out section of road into roaring flood waters.  In a split-second he and his SUV were no longer on the road but sinking in a muddy, turbulent river.



His flashlight, which he wisely always keeps with him, was crucial for swimming out of the morass.  But what would have happened if Mr. Ledgerwood had been driving a different vehicle and the window could not open, or if his seatbelt became stuck?  A safety tool is needed, but switching from it to a flashlight takes up valuable moments.

INGEAR comes to the rescue with the autoXscape, which integrates a seatbelt cutter, a window hammer, and a flashlight into a durable case that will not fail.  No matter what happens on the road or to the road, you'll be prepared.

Road trips sometimes take unexpected turns.  Will you and your family be prepared?


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