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autoAlert 4-Way Roadside Emergency LED Flashlight

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autoAlert is an innovative multifunction emergency light. Beyond vivid high-low flashlight modes, its high-grade aluminum handle includes a wide-angle work light for under-the-hood tasks, a bank of high-visibility red strobes that can alert oncoming traffic of your location, and a strong magnetic base that anchors the light for hands-free work. autoAlert is a tool smart travelers want in their roadside emergency kits.


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Your phone is not the solution.

It happens—a lot. A U.S. roadside assistance service reports that in one year it received more than 28 million calls for roadside aid. How prepared are you? During a breakdown, you’ll wish you had more than a smartphone light. Meet autoAlert, the all-in-one safety light that addresses all your lighting needs in an emergency: a powerful flashlight; a wide-angle work light for under-the-hood repairs; and warning lights to make your vehicle visible to oncoming traffic.

A Light for Every Need

See where you’re going

In high mode, autoAlert outputs 220 lumens to light up distant objects. In low mode, it easily accommodates close-up work.

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See what you’re doing

An 18-LED work light, built into the handle, casts an even, wide-area glow, illuminating tight spaces under the hood.

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Be seen by others

A bank of red LED strobes alerts drivers to your vehicle’s location—a smoke-free alternative to road flares.

AutoAlert Emergency LED Flashlight Durable

Build to Last

Constructed with military-grade anodized aerospace aluminum, autoAlert resists corrosion, drops and intrusive weather. Its brushed metal shell, designed to handle rugged use, creates a handsome, high-tech exterior.

AutoAlert Emergency LED Flashlight Dual Beams

Main Beam with Dual Modes

In high mode, autoAlert’s focused 220-lumen beam casts light on objects more than 1,000 feet away. In the energy-saving low mode (up to 15 hours at 50 lumens), the beam provides ample light for navigation and close-proximity work.

AutoAlert Emergency LED Flashlight Work Light

Deluxe Work Light

Built into the flashlight’s core, autoAlert’s array of 18 LEDs projects a swath of light that is both wide and deep—highly beneficial to people making repairs in tight places. Comes in handy under the sink at home, too.

AutoAlert Emergency LED Flashlight Magnet Base

Hands-Free Illumination

autoAlert’s handle includes a neodymium magnet, a rare-earth mineral magnet that is the strongest type of commercially available permanent magnet. Attach it to a metallic surface and, voilà, you have a well-lighted, hands-free work area.

AutoAlert Emergency LED Flashlight Red Strobes

Warning Strobes

In strobe mode, a row of 10 red LEDs (also built into the handle) flashes a high-visibility warning signal that alerts oncoming traffic to the whereabouts of your disabled vehicle—all without the use of road flares.

4.7 Star Rating

This light goes with us on road trips, to the beach, on camping and hikes too, so we're always prepared for whatever might come our way. Best on the market, hands-down.

- Amazon Customer, Dec 5. 2016

As soon as I opened the box, I knew I made the right decision. Construction is sturdy, unlike all the plastic flashlights I've had that didn't last long. The design is well thought out.

- Amazon Customer, Dec 4, 2016

Sleek design and strong attention to detail, both in the tool itself and in its packaging. I would recommend it to serious outdoor adventurers, who would want to invest in its quality and durability.

- Amazon Customer, Mar 25, 2017

As someone who frequently finds himself working under my car or in tight, dark areas, I've found this to be an excellent tool to have around.

- Amazon Customer, Dec 13, 2016

Tech Specs

Created with Sketch. Material

Type II hard-anodized alumnium

Created with Sketch. Light Source

One CREE XP-E2 LED + 18pcs 5mm LEDs + 10pcs red LEDs

Created with Sketch. 4 Modes

High - low - side light - red strobe light

Created with Sketch. Light Output

220lm (high), 50lm (low)

Created with Sketch. Run Time

5hrs (high), 15hrs (low), 12hrs (work light), 24hrs (red strobes)

Created with Sketch. Beam Distance

328m/1,076ft (high)

Created with Sketch. Batteries

4 x AAA

Created with Sketch. Rechargeable


Created with Sketch. Magnet Grade & Pull Force

N35; 7.25kg/16lbs

Wight w/o Batteries

335 grams/11.8 ounces

Created with Sketch. Dimensions

24.6 x 3 x 3 cm/9.7 x 1.2 x 1.2 in

Water Resistant


Created with Sketch. In the Box

autoAlert 4-way emergency flashlight,
batteries, user manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Press the power button once per mode to cycle through the light’s 4 output options: high, low, work light and red emergency strobe.

autoAlert operates on 4 AAA batteries.

A 4-pack is provided in the package.

The flashlight head is watertight. The rest of the tool is water-resistant. autoAlert can withstand repeated splashes, but it should not be submerged in water.

You have two options:

1) Hold the power button 1 second at any stage in the cycle to shut off the light. This can be done in any mode.

2) After 5 seconds of continuous operation in any mode, press the power button once to shut off the light.

Yes. With the light off, press and hold the power button 3 seconds. The high beam will briefly activate, then go dark. This signals the light is in lock mode. When the power button is now pushed, the main light will only flash 3 times to indicate it is locked.

To unlock it, press and hold the power button 3 seconds. The main light will flash 3 times, briefly go dark, then switch to a continuous beam. That signals the light is unlocked.