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autoAssist COB Slide Worklight

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Here’s your first-choice lighting option for challenging workspace situations. This smartly engineered, 2-in-1 tool provides ample, easy-to-direct light for mechanics and technicians who often work on complex equipment in snug spaces. Choose the flashlight or extend the handle to activate the brilliant, 200-lumen COB (Chip on Board) light tower for wide-angle visibility. Great design, quality construction.


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Direct light where you want it

Whether you are a mechanic, technician or hobbyist, this powerful 2-in-1 light source can illuminate a vehicle’s engine block or similar workspace while keeping out of your way. The retractable light tower, which projects a just-right 200-lumen flood of light, compactly hides inside the flashlight’s handle until you slide it in place. No glare—just great light, right where you need it.

A Light for Every Need

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Versatility makes it special

Hang the light by its flip-up hook, stand it on its oval-shaped 2-inch base, or attach it to any metallic surface using the powerful dual magnets in its base. Whichever approach you prefer, the light is positioned just as you like while your hands are free to focus on the task at hand.

You’ve got options

The 200-lumen light tower, using high-intensity COB LED technology, spreads its light throughout a medium-wide work space. When targeted light is needed, switch to the 1-watt LED torch at the top of the tower—an excellent, high-power flashlight.

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Lots of light, low battery drain

Despite its high output, the light tower’s continuous panel of COB LEDs beams clean, white light for nine uninterrupted hours. It generates more lumens than traditional LEDs while still using less energy.

autoAssist COB Led Slide Work Light


The tool’s inner core features a four-inch (10.1cm) column of brilliant Chip on Board (COB) LEDs, capable of generating more lumens than traditional LEDs while using less energy.

autoAssist COB Led Slide Work Light


Powerful dual-disc magnets on the base clamps the unit to any metallic surface; tool remains firmly anchored even when positioned at a 90-degree angle.

autoAssist COB Led Slide Work Light


Flip-up hang loop on base suspends light when metallic surfaces are inaccessible. Base rotates up to 90 degrees, permitting easy directional lighting adjustments.

4 Star Rating

Best work light i have ever had, being magnetic it is fantastic for working on cars,and many more aplications.

- Amazon Customer, Jul 15. 2018

This is a quality product from INGEAR. It is a super sturdy device that can light up a large space or room. It can definitely be used as a worklight as it is super bright. The flashlight mode is activated by a button on the top and if you slide it open the worklight mode is activated where it puts out a very bright light.

- Amazon Customer, Jul 5, 2018

My favorite flashlight!!! This thing is super convenient! I have to work in dark work spaces sometimes and the hook, magnets and swivel base have been absolute life savers.

- Amazon Customer, Jun 29, 2018

This is my second INGEAR flashlight, and I can't express enough how much I like it! The fact that it slides open and closed is such a cool feature, making it easy to store or pack without taking much space.

- Amazon Customer, Jun 11, 2018

Tech Specs

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Flashlight,Work light

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24hrs (Flashlight mode),9hrs (Work light mode)

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Created with Sketch. Batteries

3 AA

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IP Rating


Created with Sketch. Material

Rubberized ABS


272.5 grams/9.6 ounces

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19 x 5.7 x 4 cm/7.5 x 2.25 x 1.6 in