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autoXscape Vehicle-mounted Lifesaving Flashlight


Chances are slim you’ll ever be trapped in a sinking car. But if you were, safety experts estimate you have about 30 seconds to escape. Featuring military-grade aluminum with IPX7 waterproofness, autoXscape is a serious emergency multi-tool that can help you survive, in three steps:

(1) Slash: cut through the jammed seatbelt with the integrated cutter blade made of hard high-carbon steel.

(2) Bash: break the side window using either one of the two steel window punches. A much more reliable solution than spring-loaded alternatives that may fail to load in a life or death situation.

(3) Flash: signal for help with the high-powered flashlight that includes an SOS mode.

In addition, it comes with a mount to secure it anywhere in your vehicle for easy access. autoXscape is a must-have multi-tool for anyone with a car.

Color: Black

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Will you and your family be prepared?

U.S. Department of Transportation statistics show vehicle entrapment incidents are on the rise. The causes are varied, from impaired drivers to freak weather events such as flash floods, but if your roadside emergency turns desperate, you need to able to bust out windows or slash your seatbelt in order to scramble to safety. autoXscape is an innovative, compact multitool that puts that kind of peace of mind within easy reach.

AutoXscape Emergency Escape Tool Flashlight

High-Powered Flashlight

Featuring a CREE XP-E2 LED, a polished aluminum reflector, and an industrial-grade chipset, this flashlight offers three modes: high (135 Lumens), low (50 Lumens), and SOS.

AutoXscape Emergency Escape Tool Window Breaker

Hardened Window Breaker

Inside the tail cap is a tungsten steel puncture point engineered to easily break any tempered car window. On the outside is a second window punch constructed with a hardened, blunt-force steel ball.

AutoXscape Emergency Escape Tool Seatbelt Cutter

No-Nonsense Seatbelt Cutter

Inside the handle and recessed for safe handling, the blade is manufactured with hard SK2 high-carbon steel, capable of slicing through a seatbelt with minimal resistance.

AutoXscape Emergency Escape Tool Mount

Quick-Access Car Mount

To optimize response time, a high-strength mount is included, equipped with an industrial-grade adhesive, allowing it to be positioned anywhere you choose within your vehicle’s interior.

Slider AutoXscape Emergency Escape Tool Durable

Durable and Reliable

The military-grade aerospace aluminum body is both waterproof (ANSI certified IPX7) and impact-resistant (up to 1 meter), allowing autoXscape to withstand the toughest emergency conditions.

autoXscape Advantages

Clear Vision

With a strong, high-beam light output, autoXscape offers ample power to illuminate your surroundings and help you quickly assess an emergency situation.

Quick Escapes

autoXscape’s specialized rescue tools—a seatbelt cutter and two glass-breaking window punches—are vital to a split-second escape when conditions are desperate.

SOS on Demand

When conditions are urgent and assistance is needed fast, switch the flashlight to emergency mode. It automatically flashes the universal SOS distress signal.

4.8 Star Rating

The emergency extras (window punch, seatbelt cutter, SOS flasher) are nice to have in case some day something bizarre happens, but the light alone makes this a good investment.

- TD, Apr 04, 2017

The design is nice and sturdy, much better than other plastic tools. I used the flashlight to change a flat tire and found it surprisingly bright, which was helpful.

- Brad H., Mar 14, 2017

My favorite feature is the mount that comes in the box. No fretting about ever losing it again!

- Anonymous, Mar 30, 2017

Having broken down in the middle of nowhere multiple times, I feel so much safer now that I have found this tool.

- Jon, Apr 13, 2017

Tech Specs

Created with Sketch. Material

Type II hard-anodized alumnium

Created with Sketch. Light Source


Created with Sketch. 3 Modes

High - low - SOS

Created with Sketch. Light Output

135lm (high), 50lm (low)

Created with Sketch. Run Time

4hrs (high), 20hrs (low), 28hrs (SOS)

Created with Sketch. Beam Distance

150m/492ft (high), 90m/295ft (low)

Created with Sketch. Peak Beam Intensity

6,000 candela

Created with Sketch. Batteries

3 x AAA

Created with Sketch. Rechargable


Created with Sketch. Window Breaker

Tungsten Steel

Created with Sketch. Seatbelt Cutter

SK2 high-carbon steel

Wight w/o Batteries

167.2 grams/5.9 ounces

Created with Sketch. Dimensions

15.7 x 3 x 3 cm/6.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 in


Yes; IPX7

Drop Resistance


Created with Sketch. In the Box

3-in-1 autoXscape emergency tool,
batteries, vehicle mount including
screws and adhesive, user manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Remove the tool’s tail cap to expose the cutter. Pull the seatbelt taut with one hand. Hold it tightly. With the other hand, firmly grip the tool and press the blade’s edge (recessed in its protective housing) against the nearer edge of the seatbelt. With the seatbelt still taut, forcibly pull the blade across the belt at a diagonal angle, away from you.

While the exterior smash point (at the tip of the tail cap) is very effective, the stronger of two glass-breakers is the stout point inside the tool’s tail cap. Firmly grasp the tool and aim the point at a corner (not the center) of a side or rear window. Forcibly strike the window’s corner, repeatedly if necessary, until it breaks.

Three AAA batteries are included.

With user safety in mind, we prioritized long battery life over maximum lumens. Estimated runtime at 50 lumens: 20 hours. At 135 lumens: 4 hours 15 minutes.

Yes, to ensure quick access to the autoXscape, we include a high-strength mount that can be attached to your vehicle’s interior with screws and/or a 3M adhesive pad.

Yes. The unit is ANSI-certified IPX7. The light can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes. The battery cartridge is constructed out of high-strength polycarbonate. The handle grip uses textured rubber knurling suitable for all-weather use.

It flashes the universal distress signal—3 short flashes, 3 long, 3 short.

Yes, just hold the button for one second while in any mode to turn the flashlight off.

Yes, it has been fully tested and meets the ANSI FL-1 standards, which include light output, runtime, peak beam intensity, beam distance, water resistance, and impact resistance.